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Choose a pasta and a sauce from below. Served with a cup of soup or a side salad and garlic bread.
Full order 14.99 Small order 12.99
Add meatballs, Italian sausage, vegan meatballs, chicken, feta or mozzarella for 3.00
Half & half sauces add 1.00 excludes pesto. Full size only.

Spaghettini, Fettuccini, Rigatoni, Beef Ravioli, Cheese Tortellini

Meat Sauce- made with pear tomatoes, ground beef, and our own special blend of seasonings.

Marinara- this meatless tomato sauce is made with pear tomatoes, olive oil, fresh garlic, onion, wine and Italian and Greek Herbs

Pesto- fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese

Brown Butter & Mizythera- Mizythera cheese is a hard Greek cheese that is grated and sprinkled over
the pasta with Parmesan and then covered with clarified butter that has been heated until it has a caramel like flavor

Alfredo- made with chicken stock, heavy cream, garlic and Parmesan cheese